Who We Are

Beyond Community INFO is exclusively built to recognise the contributions of our staff members, linguists and interns. To show our kind appreciations, we have created this dedicated page to value their outstanding projects, works and also reward them with some excellent awards.

Global Vision

Beyond Community will lead the way to the future of language translations, enriching lives around the world with the most responsible ways of connecting people globally.
Through our assurance to quality, constant innovation and respect for our people, we aim to go beyond our expectations and be rewarded with a “simple smile”.
Our objective is to engaging the best talent and passion of our people, who believe there is always a better future.

Our Philosophy

Lead the way

We aim to become the leader of language solutions specialists. We value our integrity, passion and professionalism.

Go beyond Our expectations

Our commitment, determination and dedication are to serve our clients by listening to their needs and combine our experience and passion to provide a unique and memorable experience.

Enrich lives around the world

We will create jobs, educate our people and contribute to society.

Assurance to quality

We practice a strict compliance with industry regulations. We constantly raise our standards for credibility, trustworthiness and customer satisfaction.

Constant innovation

Our goal – “Beyond our technologies.” We continually learn new things every day, reinvent our technologies and stay ahead of our competition.

Respect our people

Our people are the most important asset in our company and we will always invest to show our appreciation to them.

Future of language translations

We will develop new forms of cutting edge technology e.g. translation management systems and pursue innovative methods to connect technology with people.

Rewarded with a “simple smile”

Customer satisfaction is best expressed with a “simple smile”. We treat everyone as our VIP.

There is always a better future

There is only one future, and we will always make the best of it! We believe there is a better way to provide translation services in the future.

Our People

Committed to being a good employer

Beyond Community is dedicated to build our company a great place to work for our network of 5000 linguist worldwide, as well as a great company for our business clients to do business with.

Key initiatives that will help us achieve these goals include:

  • Continuing to build a positive and high performing company’s culture.
  • Creating options through flexible working arrangements.
  • Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees.
  • Providing world-class learning and development opportunities.
  • Ensuring that our performance and reward processes are transparent to everyone.

Developing and retaining talent, our high performing and high potential employees.