In recent findings, our staff members offered many positive reasons for working at Beyond Translation.
If you’re curious why they like it here, read their stories for yourself.


Anna, from France– Project Manager (September, 2011- March, 2013)

I loved Beyond Translation internship program and can still remember my first day at the office being a phenomenal experience – I’d never seen such a friendly and generous manager. Since then there have been so many wonderful moments, like being recognized at monthly meetings for personal contribution.

What stands out for me most about Beyond Translation is that people sincerely care about you and you achieving your individual goals. Plus, everyone has been so supportive of my goals and what’s best for me as an individual.

There is always help when you need it at Beyond Translation. Even as a junior employee, I could call colleagues or manger after office hours. There is always someone to help you figure out problems and challenges if you just reach out to them.

On a personal level, the best advice I received is that you have to take time for yourself, otherwise you’re no good to anyone else in the company.  And for the business, follow the “Beyond Translation system”, work smart and most importantly, have fun!

David, from Australia – Marketing Manager (September, 2012 – Current)

Beyond Translation really impressed me. They had a very formal yet interesting internship curriculum, they were very well organized, and I liked the people I worked with. I completed my internship program in 4 months and was offered a full time sales development job right away.

The internship was great – I learned so much about myself, about the world of work; so much about communicating in a professional way to prospects and clients about their language translation needs.

As a sales development person, I learned pretty quickly that I didn’t have to worry about the customer service section of the company, and that’s a big deal with so much complaint from difficult customers. I took great comfort and found it to be frankly unique that we had this benevolent mutual company that would actually put the interests of the clients first. I am very fortunate because I could have ended up somewhere but I ended up in a place where honour, character and values matter.

The highest honour I’ve received in this company is the opportunity to lead a team of linguists from different backgrounds – 20 translators to work in the highly technical written projects.

The other thing is you are provided the opportunity to grow everyday with everyone. Beyond Translation has provided the venue for lifelong learning and career-long growth.


Nancy, from Indonesia – Digital Marketing officer (September, 2012 – March 2014)

During my internship, I was placed at the marketing department specialised in managing the company’s website and social media platforms. My role at Beyond Translation included updating the Company’s website, undertaking written and verbal translation tasks in Indonesian, and advising on marketing strategies and processes to the marketing team.

In addition to my work placement, the Internships program included many cultural activities on weekends, such as having BBQ together at the employer’s house, several trips to Australia Zoo, Dandenong Mountain, and Great Ocean road (the drive was an experience in itself)

However, some of the most memorable experiences I had on the internship program were not from organised activities, but arose in day-to-day interactions with my colleagues, managers ad stemmed from learning to live in a very different cultural environment.

The Internships program taught me a number of other skills that I have been able to apply more broadly in my current workplace. These include inter-cultural communication, adjusting to working with employees with different working styles, and demonstrating initiative.